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What is Avoir Fashion?

Avoir Fashion is the comparison destination for luxury fashion. We are a fashion technology platform and partner with the world’s greatest luxury stores and designers to help fashion lovers find their favourite designer items at the best price. Our comparison system instantly searches and compares thousands of online stores and brands, and consolidates all of the information into a simple interface, enabling you to find the best store suited to your needs quick and easy, so you can make smart choices when searching for the fashion that you love.

How is Avoir Fashion different from a store?

You don’t buy anything from us. Avoir Fashion provides you with one of the largest online catalogue of designer products from hundreds of globally trusted stores, all in one place. Once you’ve found your desired item through our bespoke comparison system, you will be forwarded to your chosen store to make your purchase.

Is there a shipping cost?

This will depend on the store you purchase your items from and will vary from store to store. We will do our best to provide you with shipping information for your chosen items, and more information will be available from the store you order from.

Who is responsible for the shipping?

The store you purchase your items from will be responsible for the shipping.

What is the return/exchange policy?

This is set by the store that you purchase your products from.

What is a wishlist?

A wishlist can be created once you’ve joined Avoir Fashion as a registered user. It allows you to save the items you love and receive sale and stock alerts.

What are product updates?

As a registered user of Avoir Fashion, when you choose to get updates on a product, we will notify you on sales and stock updates for that product from all available stores. You can also choose your favourite designers and styles and receive updates on promotions and new arrivals.

How do I join Avoir fashion?

You can join Avoir Fashion by registering on the “join us” page. You will be asked to create a password and set your account preferences.

How do I unsubscribe from all e-mail updates?

You can unsubscribe from all e-mail updates by opting out of wishlist notifications, newsletter and promotions on the profile section of the “sign in” page.

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